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Mazda 3 2012


La marca japonesa presenta su nuevo Mazda 3. Mejora su compacto. Mejora la estética y ligeramente los interiores, pero aun no llegan los motores Skyactive. El Golf puede seguir tranquilo.


2 Responses to “Mazda 3 2012”

  1. Geez If you judge your tastes by what evrnoyee else has then buy a conservative, in the box, unversatile, dullsville sedan and mix with the status quo.If you are inclined to see beauty in the added versatility of form truly following function, and find bucking the status quo attractive then hey, the hatch IS truly sexy. It just takes being sexy to get it.

    Posted by Jason | 14/09/2014, 17:53
  2. Mazda 3 s are great cars! I must say though, the MazdaSpeed 3 is even bteter though. I’ve raced one a few times at some local autocrosses, and I must say, that thing has some serious out of the box kick to it!

    Posted by Toto | 20/02/2015, 20:31

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